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    Training/ Recruitment

    Operative Training/ Recruitment

    We are aware that education and training are necessary for improved performance on the job. Further education and training are necessary to help the employee keep abreast with the latest development in his/her field of activities.

    To enhance better performance and higher sense of responsibility, education would keep them equipped. An employee shall be further encouraged to improve himself or herself through training in the field relevant to their position as stated below: The company organizes various types of in-house training for all categories of staff.

    The company encourages staff to continue with studies which will help them develop. The Company also employs the services of external professionals to ensure high standard.

    TIBSHORE AFRIK shall provide employment for statutory conditions to meet the following requirements: Acquire satisfactory educational qualification experience relevant to the position for which they must have applied for in writing. Provide valid reference attesting to his honesty, integrity and good conduct.

    Indicate willingness to be deployed to work in any part of the Federation of Nigeria. Pass aptitude test administered to determine his/her peculiar abilities.


    • We have an affiliation and partnership with some foreign companies from the northern and southern America, Arabic nation and some African countries with peculiar abilities to ensure satisfied quality service delivery.

    Associate-contractors and Institutions.

    In fulfilling our business obligations TIBSHORE AFRIK employs and integrate numerous service providers and foreign partners such as Banks, Insurance companies, Auditors, Solicitors, Financial experts, Industrialist, accreditation institutes and partnering foreign companies.