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Our Effective and Affordable Pricing Plans

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Our Services

We are honored to be a leading and reliable partner in the field of Oil and Gas

Safety Rentals

We often relay on our clients category and choice of strength so as to ensure efficiency/satisfaction according to our clients

Logistics Services

To ensure quality/satisfactory service delivery we handle our logistics services alongside our procurement processes/ procured products and services.

Business Support

TIBSHORE AFRIK is dependable and proficient in delivering improved service quality with visibility into the process and tracking to aggressive routine standards.


We place high premium on our client’s Requisition (RFQ) in terms of quality, standard, specification and timely delivery. In our quest for excellent yet affordable


TIBSHORE AFRIK has strong financial backing and currently negotiating credit lines with several financial institutions to support its activities.


We are aware that education and training are necessary for improved performance on the job. Further education and training are necessary to help the employee keep ...


Through outstanding global alliances and networks, TIBSHORE AFRIK is able to Efficiently source anything our Clients require around the globe from highly trusted