Local Content Policy

Local Content Policy and Plan

TIBSHORE AFRIK has a policy of promoting Nigerian content for all its operation in addition to on-going skill/technology transfer. We promote the improvement of Nigerian work force by encouraging training, both local and international through Affiliates/subcontractors.

It is TIBSHORE AFRIK SERVICES LTD (NCP) to conform with the Nigeria Content Directives of the FEDERAL REPULBLIC OF NIGERIA on local content, materials, suppliers and manpower from Nigeria and to make use of services and facilities, professional or otherwise which are rendered by Nigerians or companies incorporated in Nigeria, excluding when after proper research, such services/facilities are not available in Nigeria.

To fully conform with the NCP directives, TIBSHORE AFRIK SERVICES LTD shall residence its major services and activities in-country as well as location of the project management team (PMT), project management facilities (PMF) and project procurement canter (PPC) in- country and carrying out in-country upkeep of tools and equipment’s show commitment in meeting with the Nigerian Content targets of the Federal Government of Nigeria.

Furthermore, we ensure creation of value in-county via capacity building of locals, Technology transfer programs, Technology mentorship programs, increasing physical operational presence and investment in Nigeria, creating opportunities in human
resources, development of Nigerian contractors and suppliers and implementing various innovation that will increase Nigerian content development in Nigeria.

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