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    Logistics Services

    To ensure quality/satisfactory service delivery we handle our logistics services alongside our procurement processes/ procured products and services.

    For this purpose we have consultant and trained personnel whose duties/responsibilities is to monitor, track, protect and direct our client’s products from original sources to the delivery destination, to avoid piracy, damage and substandard. We have direct contacts with our transportation medium of any form we choose to engage; be it by air, land, water etc. to ensure satisfaction and avoid compromise of any kind.

    Our approach to service delivery is entirely different; considering our skill in outsourcing, we save your time, money and reduce risks. If you have a related department; we can complement with our team of professionals and experienced staffs. Our logistics effect is very convenient, impressing, accommodating and professional oriented.

    As part of logistics services we assist our clients to source/lease these listed equipment Effortlessly, affordably with quality standard:

    1. Crane
    2. Pay Loader
    3. Air Power Sand Removers
    4. Sand Dryer
    5. Single Stage Air Receivers
    6. Double Stage Air Receivers
    7. Air Blowers (Spark Free)
    8. Ventura Air Movers (Spark Free)
    9. Air Driven ‘Turbo Light’
    10. After coolers
    11. Industrial Blast Shop After coolers
    12. Tank Desludging Unit

    13. Gas Racks
    14. Assorted Air and Electric Powered Hand Tools
    15. Lay Barge
    16. Work Barge
    17. Ramp Barge
    18. Tug Boat
    19. Crew Boat
    20. Landing Craft
    21. House Boat
    22. Life Raft
    23. Swamp Boogie
    24. Heavy Duty Land Trucks
    25. Heavier Duty Cranes