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The company is a significant Nigerian Content company employed in the above named fields of the industry. From the beginning, our dream has always been to offer the BEST SUPPORT SERVICES in the industry. If we have succeeded, it is because all of us at TIBSHORE AFRIK SERVICES LTD share the dream.

TIBSHORE AFRIK SERVICES LTD is particularly aware of and committed to focus on Health, Safety and Environmental Protection in accordance with local and international practice. We also operate our own yards, and lease same if the need arises.

TIBSHORE AFRIK SERVICES LTD is orientated around the needs of the national and international markets. That is the field of activity of TIBSHORE AFRIK SERVICES LTD as varied as the demands set upon us. The performance spectrum ranges from tailor-made individual contracts to complete solutions as a general contractor – from small Contracts to the spectacularly large EPC contracts. The highest level of expertise, future- oriented and innovative know-how and an excellent internal infrastructure enable us to meet the demanding requests made by our customers – safely, economically, quickly and flexibly.

With the TIBSHORE AFRIK SERVICES LTD team concept, we offer our
customers a performance spectrum consisting of building blocks which cover all the engineering related tasks – from the projection to the planning and execution up to the smooth startup of operations. TIBSHORE AFRIK SERVICES LTD is organized to effectively manage and execute all contract services, which we undertake. We are also registered as contractor with some of the major Producing/Manufacturing, Oil & Gas and Major Service Companies in Nigeria.

At TIBSHORE AFRIK SERVICES LTD, we also offer supply services for equipment of all ranges. We specialize in serving companies and businesses. We are a full-service company that provides a blend of prompt service, competitive rates, and a wide variety of flexible programs. We can also supply and lease both new and used equipment of almost any type.
You simply select the equipment, vendor, and negotiate the best price -we’ll take it from there. Or, we can provide a lease program for your company in advance, so you can shop and select the best equipment suitable for your organization. By servicing our own machinery, we are able to supply our clients with equipment that is in good condition at all times.

At TIBSHORE AFRIK SERVICES LTD, we strive to provide our customers with dependable, professional and friendly service TIBSHORE AFRIK SERVICES LTD has a powerful and experienced workforce, which can meet any particular requirements of the oil & gas, including manufacturing and service industries under different working conditions. We are also committed to providing the best up to date, efficient and cost-effective solutions and services “specifically tailored to meet the exact needs of our clients”. Whatever your needs are, TIBSHORE AFRIK SERVICES LTD will strive to serve you quickly and efficiently, so you can continue growing your business and your profits. We hereby state that we have the capacity and capability in terms of equipment/products, financial leverage and the logistics to be able to meet your demands and the high safety and quality standard required in today’s business sector.

  • TIBSHORE AFRIK SERVICES LTD is vendor-independent. This means that we can objectively execute projects using state of the art technology including equipment and materials all engineered and manufactured to meet the exact needs of our clients. It is very important that our clients are not “locked in” to any single vendor’s equipment/product. The client has the freedom to grow with the most cost-effective set of products/equipment of choice.

    TIBSHORE AFRIK SERVICES LTD has the capabilities for Safety, Equipment, Materials/Products, Leasing, Procurement and Logistics Services. We have the resources to ensure a quality, cost effective project execution program. Many of our personnel have worked in reputable organizations throughout Nigeria and their capabilities are second to none. In summary, our technical and professional skills, our operational experience, our productivity and quality assurance philosophies, ensure that TIBSHORE AFRIK SERVICES LTD shall deliver on schedule and effectively to meet operations requirements. This ensures that the “CLIENT will have the best return on investment”. Furthermore, our experience in retrofitting and upgrading our equipment and machinery will ensure minimized downtime during operations.

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Our customer service standards provide information on how we will handle your enquiry. There is also compliments and complaints information to help you when you lodge feedback with us.

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