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    The benefits of Working with Us

    Our clients enjoy the following benefits:

    • Financial / Banking:

      TIBSHORE AFRIK has strong financial backing and currently negotiating credit lines with several financial institutions to support its activities. Our firm’s operation is backed by Banks/ credit houses that provide significant sources of working capital to finance our activities.

    • Credit Facilities:

      Our clients is assured to enjoy limited credit facility for a period of time, this depends on our agreement.

    • Quality/Risk Management:

      We reduce risk through our experience and sensitivity to changing national regulatory
      requirements, modern facilities and security issues, ensuring specification and quality is assured..

    • Product/Material Swap/Alternative :

      To ensure timely productivity and result oriented service delivery, we sometimes suggest to our clients alternative products in a situation where the project time duration is limited. This does not in any way reduce the specification, standard and quality.

    • Competitive Pricing:

      We are less expensive than most of our competitors yet offer excellent service.