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    Procurement Services

    We place high premium on our client’s Requisition (RFQ) in terms of quality, standard, specification and timely delivery. In our quest for excellent yet affordable service we involve special personnel’s and source from the original manufacturers (OEM) at an affordable rates.

    The materials/equipment’s we procure/handle manufacturers satisfied with viable guaranteed periods.

    Our prodigious and good testimony is that we do not compromise in transaction with our clients Requisition (RFQ); we ensure our clients satisfaction by going the extra miles and doing the extra-ordinary from the sourcing, processing, packaging, freight, logistics processes and timely delivery to our client’s destination. The under listed is our area of specialization depending on our clients category and choice of strength.

    • Onshore/Offshore Support/support tools
    • Marine tools/equipment
    • Marine logistics/support services
    • Technical/industrial tools and materials
    • International/local procurement
    • Personal protective equipment (PPE’)
    • Safety materials
    • Flare stack tools/equipment
    • Survey/Civil/Structural Equipment

    These are our core areas; handling PROCUREMENT/LOGISTICS SERVICES
    for our esteem clients on the categories such as; Oil & Gas
    I. Rig onshore and offshore equipment’s
    II. Pipeline maintenance equipment’s
    III. Mechanical and electrical tools/ equipment’s and accessories.
    IV. Personal protective equipment PPE’s
    IVI. Drilling tools/equipment and spare parts; Oilfield tools specially valves,
    pumps, flanges, cutting/gridding disc, nuts & bolts, Hoses (dredging,
    hydraulic & air), couplings & fitting, calm luck and clamps, Rockwool,
    grease, ESAB product, polystyrene, filters (Baldwin) etc. Surface
    VIII. Calibration equipment/ Lifting/Access Equipment
    IX. Painting Tools
    X. Marine Tool/equipment
    Y. Flare stack tools/equipment, Manufacturing/production industrial
    chemicals (micronutrients)
    Z. Blasting Equipment such as Blast Hoods, Needle Descales, Greco Pressure Washer
    XVI. Welding/Fabrication tools/equipment and materials
    XVII. Inspection/Audit onshore and offshore tools/equipment’s
    XVIII. Office accessories/stationeries
    XIX Household equipment’s
    XX. and General Consumables

    • Flame Retardant Coveralls & Work Wears
    • Safety Wears
    • Gas Testers & Meters
    • Fire Alarms
    • Fire Fighting Systems
    • Security Accessories
    • Intrinsically Safe Items for Hazardous Areas
    • Emergency shower and Eye-wash Unit
    • Fire Extinguishers
    • Electrical & Mechanical Safety Tools
    • Articulated Lift Booms for working at Height
    • Safety Storage Containers for Workshops, Chemicals & Laboratories
    • Safety Valves

    We often relay on our client’s category and choice of strength so as to ensure efficiency/satisfaction according to our client’s Requisition/specifications.

    “We have affiliates with manufacturers of oil servicing tools/equipment/materials as a service provider and source from our (OEM’s) with a CONTRACT alliance, process, package, freight, handle the logistics and deliver timely to our esteemed client’s final destination”.